Terms & Conditions


Please take note of our Terms & Conditions when hiring our skips.


    1. The hired skip is the property of the Rapid Skips.
    2. When the skip is hired a collection date will be issued on the waste transfer note. It is the responsibly of the customer to inform Rapid Skips of any alterations to that date. Failure to do so may result in a call out charge of £20 excluding vat depending on location.
    3. A cancellation fee of £24 may be issued if the skip is cancelled on the day of delivery depending on whether the skip has left the depot for delivery.
    4. An admin charge of £6 for any cancelled orders when paid by credit/debit card.
    5. The customer will inform Rapid Skips in respect of any arising damage to the property at which the skip is delivered or collected from as soon as possible.
    6. The customer will inform Rapid Skips of all actions by third parties in respect of the use of the skip in all respects.
    7. The driver will use their best endeavours to leave the skip in a safe and secure position but if the skip is left by the customer, it will be the responsibility of the customer to ensure the skip is not stolen, damaged or fly tipped on.
    8. Rapid Skips reserves the right to charge should the skip be stolen whilst on hire to the customer.
    9. It is the customers responsibility when the skip has a council permit and is left on a road that the skip remains properly lit and coned in accordance with traffic regulations.
    10. The customer will notify Rapid Skips of any accident involving or damage to the skip.
    11. The customer will use the skip only at the location agreed in the terms of hire and shall not move the skip to any other location or place whatsoever without the prior consent of Rapid Skips in writing.
    12. The customer will not over-load the skip and Rapid Skips shall have an absolute right to remove material from the skip or take such steps as may be necessary to make the skip safe before movement.
    13. The waste contained in the skip will become property of the Rapid Skips once collected.
    14. We do not accept any hazardous waste, liquids, tyres, fridges/freezers, oils, gases, asbestos, fibre board or bitumen.
    15. Rapid Skips reserves the right to charge for any repairs which may be required should the skip be damaged whilst on hire to the customer.
    16. No fires are allowed in the skip whatsoever.
    17. Rapid Skips accepts no responsibility for damage caused when delivering/collecting skips when on private property.